In recent years, the Maryland Fair Scheduling, Wages, and Benefits Act (the “Act”) has been introduced to the General Assembly, and it is likely to be on the minds of many law makers again during the 2019 session that began on January 9, 2019. Early versions of the Act required, among other things, that employers

Society’s attitude towards marijuana has changed rapidly in the last several years. As a society, we have moved from a war on drugs to having most states legalize some form of marijuana use and possession. Pennsylvania is no exception. On May 17, 2016, Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act went into effect. The Medical Marijuana Act allows

It is often said that employees are a company’s most important asset.  This is particularly true in the retail banking industry where employees regularly interact with the bank’s customers and often are the “face” the institution.  Because engaged and devoted employees are so critical to the success of an institution, attention must be given not

As the summer months approach, many of us start to think about taking a few days off to visit the beach or the mountains. For employers, this may be a good time to review your company’s vacation policy and to ensure your practices are consistent with your policy. In Pennsylvania, employers are not required to

 Recent Trends in Wage Equity Legislation By Erin R. Kawa and Erin K. Benson On January 23, 2017, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed into law Bill No. 160840, which amends the Philadelphia Fair Practices Ordinance and prohibits employers from inquiring about prospective employees’ salary histories. Following on the heels of the passage of similar legislation

Use of Criminal Background Checks in the Hiring Process: What New EEOC Guidelines Mean for Pennsylvania Employers Michael E. Rowan General Counsel, Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association A criminal background is a common, and often useful, component of the hiring process for many employers in the hospitality industry.  However, in light of recent pronouncements by

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act:  the Forgotten Right of Female Employees By Marc G. Tarlow Shumaker Williams, P.C.   Recently, a prominent tech company hired a CEO who at the time of hire is pregnant.  With a view to how the workplace has continued to change, it seemed a good time to review a right of

Although the articles written in this space over the past five years regarding employment law have tended to review distinct developments in the law, these are very “interesting times” and merit a moment to reflect how the legal and political events of the last six months augur a new period in management/employee relations.  When developments and

By: Marc G. Tarlow Family Responsibility Discrimination (“FRD”), or discrimination by which employees are treated worse than other employees because of caregiving responsibilities to children, spouses or parents, is coming to the forefront of potential employer liability. Not only does this type of discrimination implicate a variety of statutes, but employees are prevailing in lawsuits with