The International Practice Group at Shumaker Williams, P.C. exists to help our clients compete effectively and profitably in the global marketplace. We represent foreign firms and individuals conducting business or making investments in the United States as well as U.S. companies seeking business opportunities in foreign markets. Our spectrum of representation in matters international ranges from well-known foreign multinational corporations expanding their presence in the U.S. to dynamic privately-held companies seeking growth and opportunities abroad. We also provide clients with access to local counsel in major markets when having a “person on the ground” is essential to a successful outcome for the client, whether it be accommodating local business practices or dealing with governmental authorities.

Attorneys in our International Practice Group have dealt with legal matters involving:

• Interpretation and analysis of international trade agreements, including NAFTA and CAFTA
• Movement of goods between U.S. and Canada
• Cross-border financial services, including:

◊ Offshore financial centers
◊ Sale of securities and investment advice
◊ Registration of securities industry professionals
◊ Delivery of financial services over the Internet
◊ Dealing with foreign regulators
◊ Non-depository finance companies

• Foreign taxation of U.S. persons and U.S. taxation of foreign persons, including withholding tax-free repatriation under the 2004 US-Dutch Protocol
• Offshore call centers
• Data flows from EU to US
• Foreign lending rules
• Offshore, captive re-insurance companies
• Foreign investment in the U.S.
• International agency and distribution agreements

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