Mortgage & Finance

Shumaker Williams, P.C. represents a broad spectrum of non-depository financial services providers and ancillary businesses. The Firm’s various practice groups provide:

• Regulatory compliance advice
• Business transaction negotiation and documentation
• Representation in litigation
• Essential services to mortgage lenders and brokers, finance companies, title agencies and other financial services providers

The consumer financial services industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country. One of Shumaker Williams’ strengths is the ability to understand the interplay of the complex set of federal and state laws governing the extension of credit. Our Firm offers full service advice concerning:

• The federal Truth-in-Lending Act
• State usury laws
• State business licensing laws
• Examination response support
• Fair credit laws, including ECOA
• Interstate commerce considerations
• Federal preemption issues
• Predatory lending laws
• Fair Credit Reporting Act
• Fair Debt Collection Practice Act
• Homeownership and Equity Protection Act (Section 32 “Highrate” loans)

Representation often takes the form of ensuring that loan documentation complies with existing law and analysis of new legislation for impact and compliance.

Litigation and litigation support in complex lender liability cases, so-called “predatory lending” cases and regulatory compliance cases, forms a growing part of our Firm’s business portfolio. Several members of our Firm have served as expert witnesses in Truth-in-Lending cases and other cases in which expert testimony about regulatory compliance is essential.

Shumaker Williams strives to represent the “whole” business client, offering help with human resource issues, tax, corporate structure, affiliated business arrangements under RESPA and a host of other legal and business issues.